We want to live full time in a travel trailer. Maybe for two years, maybe for the rest of our lives, but we think the first step is just doing it.  Part of this blog is chronicling the changes in how we think, how we feel about this, and the experiences we gain.  So let’s get in to it, shall we?

Why Do This?

  • A significant pruning down of stuff and junk. We both love thrift storing and collecting cameras, clothes, and little doo-dads. We have a lot and most of it I never use and never look at. Things I use daily: clothing (same pants for a week), computers, and cell phones. Everything else.. it’s for fun. If I change careers, this could expand to using microphones and recorders, but those are all slim and easy to store. A professional sound rig could be stuffed into a travel Pelican case with ease.
  • Saving money. We have lived in cheaper houses with cheaper utilities since we’ve been married. For TWO YEARS!! THAT’S RIGHT, WE’RE OLD PROS AT THIS!! Anyway. I always assumed that RV sites are cheaper than renting a place. A little searching has blown that idea right out of the water. $45/night at KOA, $54 at a local place. Holy crud, Matthew Lesko, that’s double the rent! More searching is obviously needed, but I stand by my claims. Monthly rates, perhaps?
  • We hate packing. Whether it’s for vacation or to move. Hate it. Solution? Obvious. NOTE: This is probably the worst, laziest reason possible, but it’s still usually the first thing I say when asked “Why?” Probably because it’s the funniest reason other than…
  • Seeing the country. I’ve traveled a lot for work. My wife has not. Every place I go, I decide if I’d like to revisit. I really want to spend a few months in Minneapolis in a travel trailer. Beautiful, great food. I don’t know if I want to live there. We want to see the mountains, deserts, beaches, cities, and long roads in between. We want to chase storms in the Midwest and see the sun set over the Rockies. We are beer enthusiasts. Sounds like a life-long brewery tour to me!
  • Career options. When you travel, you’ve got some options. Consulting, film work, contract work, working on farms, you name it! If I can pay the monthly bills, I’ll do it. Currently, I like my job. Allie likes hers. I think we can wander around locally for a few years while we get our feet wet before I’d even consider cutting ties with my job and leaving.
  • We don’t want to buy a house. At least not just yet. There are several reasons including INSANE prices of houses, taxes, upkeep, and (most importantly) a house ties you down geographically. We’re not ready for that. We may never be. Allie always says when we stop in some town “I could live here” or “I could never live here.” Neither of us have ever said or even though “Wow, I could spend 10 or 30 years here.” We view the investment in a truck and trailer as our first house. Later, we might find a place we like and build a small house. Or homestead. Nothing traditional, for sure.
  • We’re not traditional. We are both a bit strange. We look strange. We like strange things. This isn’t a traditional lifestyle and we know it. It’s what is so attractive.

That’s it in a nutshell. I’m going to quickly hammer out some pros and cons that will probably both expand massively as time goes by.

I’ve very nervous about all this.  Here’s a picture of me wearing women’s clothes, being stressed:

Why am I stressed?  There are apparent downsides to this lifestyle…


  • I don’t like camping. This sounds a lot like camping. I’m sure with a nice shower and bathroom, I’ll get over it. Allie… she likes camping okay. We like our comforts though.
  • Cost. Sure, it seems cheap on paper, but I have a feeling there are a lot of hidden costs.
  • Pets. We like our critter and it’s going to be harder and more claustrophobic in the smaller space.
  • Space. Speaking of. We do want to prune down, but it’s going to be hard. We also don’t have as much personal space. It would be nice to have separate rooms, but that doesn’t seem like an efficient layout. Perhaps for sanity reasons….
  • Getting Netflix. I am dead serious. We watch a lot of movies, and getting Netflix DVDs isn’t going to be very reasonable with a moving target of an address.
  • Internet. This is less of a worry, but still won’t be as convenient as a permanent address. We both rely on the internet for a lot of social and work-related tasks.
  • Healthcare. We are pretty healthy people, but things can change. I know there are options, but none are as good as a corporate health plan.
  • WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING. Pretty self explanatory. I can learn from the internets all day long, but in the end, I really don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what hookups look like, I don’t know how much gray water I need to hold. I don’t know how to drive a truck with a trailer that big. I’m hyperventilating.


  • We are stubborn. This relates to the last con up above. I believe we can and will do this.
  • Space. We DO love each other. We love spending time with each other. Life will simplify and let us focus on our core hobbies and interests (for me, playing video games). We will not be buying junk we don’t need. We will be cooking in more often, although we do that a lot now.
  • Adventure! Yes, it is an adventure. Biggest pro here. This is new and very exciting. If it becomes boring, it sounds like we just need to uproot and change the scenery.
  • People are helpful. This is the nice thing I’ve seen in the RV world – people want to help. We’re not competing for anything. When you ask about film making, people think you’re gunning for their job and have no interest in helping out. When you ask about RVing, people want to share their knowledge and see what you’ve learned. It’s a community. I like that. Whenever I’ve been camping (hate the method, love some aspects), the campsites are like never ending hors devours parties – chatting, wandering around, meeting people, laughing. Our neighbors now: glare at us, won’t even say “hello” or wave back. RVers seem more open-minded than that. It’d be an odd decision to be a grouch and park 5 feet from strangers wherever you go.

Comments?  Questions?  Fire the main cannons!