No, not that Uncle Rico/Val Kilmer masterpiece.  I’m talking about TEXASSSSSS!!  Part of the reason we have this blog is to keep friendlies and families up to date on where we are and what’s what.

We moved to Houston in October to pursue an opportunity at an oil company.  Black gold.  So we abruptly uprooted from Maine… sorry if this is the first you’ve heard…and we hustled in a car and truck hauling a little trailer to our new home city.

As you can see from the official map of Tejas (give it a click, see it big and proud!), we are surrounded by the ocean, Mexico, and tornadoes of DEATH.  We settled in the Heights area of Houston, which is northwest of downtown and surrounded by highways of DEATH.  We’re in a very small shotgun style duplex that is probably around 500 s.f.  It’s small, but great for the keeping the placed chilled during the hot months.  It’s also a nice stepping stone towards moving in to a 250 s.f. travel trailer at some point.

We’ve enjoyed Houston so far.  We don’t plan on living out our days here  - too hot, too many bugs, too flat, no snow, etc – but we will enjoy our time here.  The ocean is nearby, there’s great food, plenty of good movies come through, abandoned buildings, interesting places within a few hours, 1 day drive back to the hometown, and all the advantages of living in a real city.

And now, some facts:

  • Houston is home to over 90,000 Tex-Mex restaurants.  That’s a lot of enchiladas!
  • The Houston zoo only contains live snakes.  The rest of the animals are convincing animatronics.  What a digital gyp!
  • The speed limit in Houston is 120 mph, the highest in the country.  There are over 2000 driving deaths monthly.  Better buckle up!
  • Houston is the most obese city in the world, with the average weigh of an adult… male being 318 lbs.  That’s a lot of enchiladas!

In closing, we’re doing well, enjoying new adventures, and hope you visit soon!