Allie and I just got back from a really quick trip to Atlanta.  The occasion:  Elizabeth getting hitched to her Marine sweetheart.  They’re now on a three day trek back to the base in Yuma, while we made it back safe and sound with our precious cargo from Hop City.

Quick info piece on Texas:  Southern Star Brewery (and a few others) recently sued the state to change label laws.  Beer over 4.5% had to be labeled “Ale” regardless of the style.  For some breweries, this was unacceptable – they’re not calling a stout an ale just so Texas can drink it.  For others, they just can’t afford to make special runs of labels and batched for Texas.  Even with this law changing, we’re not seeing many new breweries here, but we are getting some different beer from established breweries.  Even with the label change, it’s still a $6000 one-time cost just to consider distributing.

Rather than keep drinking the same old beer, we went ahead and stocked up on some of the good stuff.  Some highlights are Hitachino XD, Weyerbacher Insanity, T’Gaverhopke Singing Blond, and Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy.  All great beers, along with the rest.  I just can’t remember them all.

So we will toast to the newlyweds for the next month or so until this beer supply run out.

And then we panic.