So what you’ve got here is baby D.  He is one part of a set of twin boys.  You can’t see baby M because he hasn’t decided to join reality yet.

Backstory – Mark and Debbie, Colin’s brother and SIL, were pregnant with twins until a few weeks ago.  Baby D’s water broke and he hung in there until 12 days ago when he was born – way back in June.  Baby M…well, he decided he’s all set and is happy without a wombmate.  So he’s just hanging around, in a different month, waiting until the time comes.  While we’re all hoping for a world record if he stays in for another 50 days, Debbie’s on bed rest until he does decide to be born.

Congratulations to Mark and Debbie – so happy the babies are doing well and we hope to have two nephews ready for spoiling very very soon!!