About 400 hours of work, I’m guessing.

Well, we did it!  We dumbly bought a 1973 Chevy Step Van.  It looks like a bread truck, for the most part.  Or a chip truck.  Or like any delivery truck Chevy has made since the ’70s until now.

Here are some pictures!

We’re going to wood line the inside, put in a little sink and toilet, and shower in whatever water sources we can find.  Or an outdoor shower.  There will be more and more pictures added to that set over the next few weeks, so keep looking!  Great thing about this old vehicle – great mechanical shape.  I feel like I could take it anywhere, no problem.  I feel safe and stable.  No seats in there now… but I assume I will feel safe and stable inside.


If you’re interested in a more detailed follow-along, I’m posting progress and asking/answering questions at the RV Escapees forum here.