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Allie and I just got back from a trip that took us some 25,000 miles and covered NYC to Malaysia to Singapore. I guess this is our first real trip, since the rest have been short excursions or to move across country. We’ve got plenty of pictures to sort through, but here are a few [...]

Allie was out of town visiting her mom and aunt in St. Pete, FL, so I invited Shane down to bum around a little bit. He got in early at the airport and we hit the road to San Antonio. First stop, a giant replica candle thing. It was in the ghetto, but I thought [...]

One of the BIG reasons I started this blog was to document some of the places we go.  I know it’s not the same as going, but it’s still nice to look back and remember the neat places. Log #1 starts with a nice break from work and working on the van conversion to get [...]

No, not that Uncle Rico/Val Kilmer masterpiece.  I’m talking about TEXASSSSSS!!  Part of the reason we have this blog is to keep friendlies and families up to date on where we are and what’s what. We moved to Houston in October to pursue an opportunity at an oil company.  Black gold.  So we abruptly uprooted [...]