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So what you’ve got here is baby D.  He is one part of a set of twin boys.  You can’t see baby M because he hasn’t decided to join reality yet. Backstory – Mark and Debbie, Colin’s brother and SIL, were pregnant with twins until a few weeks ago.  Baby D’s water broke and he [...]

Allie and I just got back from a really quick trip to Atlanta.  The occasion:  Elizabeth getting hitched to her Marine sweetheart.  They’re now on a three day trek back to the base in Yuma, while we made it back safe and sound with our precious cargo from Hop City. Quick info piece on Texas: [...]

We decided to head out on a drive the other day.  Texas has a lot of bayous and they’re apparently “scary and worthless” to a lot of folks.  We headed to the Armand Bayou Nature Center and took a stroll around.  There were huge thistles all over the place and if you can see Allie’s arm [...]

A blog, another blog, clogging up the internet.  Sheesh.  But we have a website, so why not use it? This blog is for a few things: Posting random things that don’t seem relevant to or don’t want cluttering up our “professional” sites. Posting news and things for family and friends to see. Posting progress on [...]