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About 400 hours of work, I’m guessing. Well, we did it!  We dumbly bought a 1973 Chevy Step Van.  It looks like a bread truck, for the most part.  Or a chip truck.  Or like any delivery truck Chevy has made since the ’70s until now. Here are some pictures! We’re going to wood line [...]

We want to live full time in a travel trailer. Maybe for two years, maybe for the rest of our lives, but we think the first step is just doing it.  Part of this blog is chronicling the changes in how we think, how we feel about this, and the experiences we gain.  So let’s [...]

So last post I covered the electrical systems, which I am comfortable with.  I’ll be doing a post soon outlining the parts lists I have developed for doing a full gut/refub of a trailer that will highlight some of the cool products I found for that system, but this time I’ll be focusing on water [...]

Right, so, I’m starting with the system I should know the most about – electrical.  Low voltage isn’t that different from high voltage (just scarier) and I think it’s a system I feel fully comfortable tearing out and refitting completely. First up – Batteries.  Batteries provide power to all those nice little things like water [...]

One of my big concerns over full-timing was my connectivity.  I’m not a farmer, I’m a technology consultant and designer.  I actually need an internet connection, not for checking facebook (deleted, done with that!), but for making money – finding jobs/clients, delivering documents, etc.  It’s also the main source of entertainment for me – web comics, information [...]